How to Start From Scratch in Poker

When we speak about starting playing poker “from scratch” it means that you start your poker career without any financial investments. It is possible because practically all poker rooms organize freerolls regularly. Freerolls are advertised tournaments whose purpose is to attract new players to their website, to their poker rooms or to any other related sites. Freerolls have a very popular philosophy: you can win money for nothing but have to spend almost nothing to earn. Your chances to win are great, especially when you have many opponents. Almost all sites offer freerolls with special rules such as no limit, fixed buy-in, satellite freerolls or Invention freerolls. Freerolls with special rules allow to play in small stakes with several participants limitations. You can also play in tournaments with no limits and special rules.

To start from scratch in poker is the first step if you want to play in poker tournaments, freerolls or ring games. You need to prepare for this moment by learning the technical terms of poker, the blinds, the difference between cash games and tournament, the control of the game and making theudget (how much money you have).

One of the best ways to learn how to play poker from scratch is to play in free poker rooms, where you will not invest any money. Freerolls are also a very good training for playing in tournaments. You can use the same promotional codes that you already have to play in freerolls and you will have a chance to win from plus a lot of cash bonuses. One of the best promotions that are available in freerolls is the first deposit bonus. You can get a bonus up to 250% on your first deposit.

Your bankroll is a very important factor in playing poker from scratch. You need to start your bankroll with enough money so that you can play without running out of money even if you have a bad run. Freerolls with low buy-ins are not bankroll friendly. You should build your bankroll slowly and with small investments. When you learn to play poker in scratch games you will also learn how to multitabling, if you want to multi-table without losing too much money. It is very important to choose the appropriate online site when you want to learn how to play scratch cards. Not all sites succeed in offering great learning materials and tutorials.Recommended reading:Poker Secrets Exposed eBook by Greg Raymer

Getting familiar with the DewaGG-systems is also very important. You will not be ready to play real-money games until you become familiar with the hands in the game. You can refer to the material included in the Poker Training CD or purchase the e-book from the website mentioned above. Reading other people’s experiences will also help you increase your chances of winning. Remember that winning is not based on luck but instead it is based on the quality of hands you play.

Learning good hands to play and knowing when to fold are two of the most important skills a new poker player should learn. In a host of poker sites, you can play playing the scratch games where you can get a sign if you have a chance of winning or not. Although it is not the same as real life poker, you might as well play it as it is a practice match to some extent. Practice makes perfect.